Paul went over to Huw’s place at Rhondda Street Studios, late Nov 2012 with seven songs. The idea was to make a spontaneous album in a day. On reflecting on the recordings they decided to expand the idea and let the project develop over a longer period, but keep the essence of spontaneity. The seven tracks soon became 12 as more songs were  written. Drums were put down to a basic acoustic guitar or electric guitar track and layers were added.

The result was a  psych country album via a 1950’s event horizon experience. The Cosmic Array was revealed to the music world via the self-titled debut in 2013, released on Folkwit Recordings.

Work was was continued, immediately, but sporadically and the resulting recordings eventually became ‘Islands’. This, the 2nd album is dueMay 2016, again on Folkwit. The recording line-up  has been augmented by the voice and songs of Abby Sohn;  Jon Elvis Berry returned from Antipodean adventures to play pedal steel; Jon Coward did his guitar parts: Andy Fung and Danny Kilbride shared bass duties. The whole thing was mixed as before by Mat Wigley who also played a few keyboard parts here and there.


Huw lays down a drum track in his own live room at Rhondda St. Studios, the compulsory Lava Lamp adds cosmic ambience .